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12 Contemporary Artists interpret

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MAWU-LISA II is a collective show that showcases and analyses the various visual representations of femininity in today's visual culture. 
12 contemporary artists will re-interpret flower paintings, referring to a long tradition of female still-life painters. This exhibition scrutinises the position of women in art, from the artists' point of view, and through various mediums from watercolours to installations.





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What We Do


MAWU-LISA started in 2011 in an attempt to address the problematics of the numerous representations of femininity in visual arts. While the first edition was focused on the visual depictions of women online this edition will focus on a specific topic and medium: Flower Paintings and their connection to womanhood, the cliché of women as gaia, and the link between flower painters and the position of women in art history.

Changing the format of the first edition, which was projection based, MAWU-LISA 2013 asked the artists to participate in the project while following a series of rules (medium, size, topic), which they could interpret, play and adapt to their own usual practices.



17th October 2013

Documentation is up now!

Check it out here


10th October 2013

Due to Bus Accident on curator's way from NY to Chicago, the opening is postponed


8th August 2013

Ed Fornieles is now part of the show too


5th August 2013

Now supporting International Animal Rescue (Katja Saves Monti) and The Raptor Trust (Bunny Rogers)


1th August 2013

Benjamin Asam Kellogg and "LITI" aka. Manuela Fernández have been added to the line-up of artists



When & Where

MAWU-LISA 2013 will take place on the 11th of October @ CourtneyBlades (Chicago)


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Check out the show's photo documentation

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  1. MAWU-LISA is not...

    …an all female show. MAWU-LISA doesn’t mind the gender of the artists but focuses on their vision and perspectives on what could be interpreted as "female sensitivity" and the visual representations of it. MAWU-LISA doesn't stand for male-female dualism and celebrates queer outlooks.

    Posted July 14th at 21:01
  2. 0.7%

    MAWU-LISA 2013 will work on a commercial basis so each artist can support a charity of choice. While the compulsory donation of 0.7 percent is a reference and a critique to the Official development assistance, artists are invited to donate more if desired.

  3. Special thanks

    Rozsa Farkas (Arcadia Missa)
    Cadence Kinsey
    Harry Burke
    Mike Ruiz (Future Gallery)

    Posted July 25th at 10:57

#mawulisa is an ongoing project. If you want to be included in the next edition, write about it, collaborate in any way etc ; you are more than welcome to send an email to


(at) gmail (dot) com



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